quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2012

for e.e. cummings’ roots of Love

take my Love as a safe secret(we will never fall, 
my dear, i will always keep you near)
and if your heart fears more than trust,
watch out, 
it’s such a rare, rare thing to find,
to feel it so deep and tight, 
look into my eyes,(dive in my soul
inside my chest there’s a precious garden
with ancient trees colorful flowers wild horses pure rivers free birds and it’s all for you, 
all for you, my dear)
we shall always be truthful,
we must never pretend a thing,
lean on me your sweet heart (take mine as a warm home, 
we will always live there,
in the beat of all feelings, 
in the heat of endless care
we'll grow and dance and shine 
brighter days, new joy, so kind)

take my Love as a safe ride (we will never fall, 
my dear, i will always keep you near)